PlayStation VR: News, Rumors, Specs

The Swords of Ditto

PS4, PSVR & PS Vita New Releases This Week: April 24 – Death Road to Ditto

Where last week featured two big hitters in God of War andRead the full article…

Moss playstation store rating

Moss Has a Perfect Rating on the PlayStation Store, Sits at the Top of the PSVR Charts

With over 550 ratings, Moss has a perfect five stars.

PlayStation Store Global Update – April 17, 2018

Come see what’s new in the PlayStation Store

Rick and morty virtual rick ality Review

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Review – Laundry Day (PSVR)

You are the insignificant of the insignificant; you are a Morty clone.

Cold Iron Update

Cold Iron’s First Major Content Update is Free, Game Discounted to $13.99

More reasons to draw your gun, and ammo’s a little easier to afford.

PlayStation Flash Sale

PSA: Don’t Miss Out on the April 2018 PlayStation Flash Sale

It’s almost over!

psvr features

Sony’s Testing New PS VR Livestreaming and Mixed Reality Features

The company disclosed some of its experiments at GDC.

February 2018 PSN Flash Sale Is Live, View the Deals

April 2018 PSN Flash Sale Is Live, View the Deals

Horror-themed sales!

Stephen Hodde Moss interview

Literally Putting Their Hearts into the Game – Interview With Moss Audio Director Stephen Hodde

We talk VR audio design and literally recording their own hearts for in-game sound effects.

PlayStation Store Global Update – April 10, 2018

Come see what’s new in the PlayStation Store

Dead Secret PS4

Horror Mystery Dead Secret Arriving Soon to PS4 and PSVR

Will you become another statistic?

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 Claims Top Spot in March Downloads

My people, we have won!

one piece grand cruise western release date feature

One Piece: Grand Cruise Sets Sail with the PlayStation VR Western Release Date Announcement

Do not expect your limbs to elongate while playing though.

Crisis on the planet of the apes vr review

Crisis on the Planet of the Apes VR Review – Ape Escape (PSVR)

Become a primate.

torn psvr

Take a Virtual Tour of the Mysterious Mansion in PS VR Game, Torn

Out this Spring.

Blind PSVR trailer

Blind Coming to PlayStation VR, New Announcement Trailer Released

A suspenseful, psychological thriller awaits…

Killing Floor Incursion PSVR Release Date

Killing Floor: Incursion Release Date Announced for PlayStation VR

Plus new modes and exclusive features. What’s not to like?

One Piece Grand Cruise release date

The PSVR Exclusive Game One Piece: Grand Cruise Now Has a Release Date in Japan

You can be a part of the Straw Hat Crew here!

Take A Gander at the Next Forms of Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Characters!

Cute girls wearing armor that could practically destroy an entire planet.

Island Time VR Review

Island Time VR Review – Castaway on Groundhog’s Day (PS4)

Live, die, repeat. Can you survive your time on the island?