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PS4 Pro pre order

PlayStation 4 Closes in on PlayStation 3, Hits 76 Million Units Sold

Will it beat the PS2?

npd december 2017

Xbox One Outsold PS4 in the US in December, Switch Dominated Overall

Sony’s holiday sales were down compared to last year.


PlayStation 4 Hardware Sales Down Over Holiday Period Despite Increase in Software Sales

Despite fewer sales, the console is still king.

ps4 vs switch sales

Report Reveals Nintendo Switch Dominated Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Online

And it wasn’t really discounted either.

Call of Duty WWII campaign

Sony Announces Call of Duty: WWII PS4 Bundle

Coming this November!

8 PS4 Features That Would’ve Left My 10-Year-Old Self Speechless

From SharePlay to Party Chat and everything in between.

Mobile Game Revenue Could Top Console Games and MMOs/MOBAs in 5 Years’ Time, Says Report

Asia Pacific leads the global market.

ps4 vs switch sales

Nintendo Switch Reaches 1M Sales in Japan, Faster Than PS4 and PS Vita

Nintendo continues to dominate the region.

NPD Analyst Says Project Scorpio Can Help “Push Xbox One Sales Ahead of PS4” in US This Year

But “attractive content” has to show up along with it.

Taiwan’s Newspaper Claims Sony’s Working on a “Thinner” PS4

Not sure if they mean the PS4 Pro or an even thinner Slim.

PS4 External Drives Can Apparently Be Used on Multiple Consoles Tied to the Same Account

There are some caveats, however.

PSVR Update 2.40 Seems to Improve Cinema Mode, Beta Testers Give Feedback on 3D Support

Folks seem to be enjoying watching 3D Blu-rays!

Donald Trump’s Proposed Trade Tariffs May Result in More Expensive Gaming Hardware for Those in U.S.

Increased tax on imported goods may result in 5 or 10 percent price hike in the US.

Industry Study Locates Cheapest and Most Expensive Countries to Buy Video Game Consoles

Spare a thought for Venezuela.

PS4 Deals - PlayStation Store Sales

PlayStation’s Sending Out a Free “Happy Holidays” Dynamic Theme

Check your emails.

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says DLC Exclusivity “Doesn’t Feel Like Growth”

Spencer spoke of the importance of establishing new IPs.

Breath of the Wild update 1.3.3

Reports Claim Nintendo Switch is Less Powerful Than Standard PS4

Apparently, Nintendo is in a rush to release Switch.

PS4 Most Popular Console on eBay During Black Friday in US

Some speedy selling!

PlayStation LifeStyle 2016 Holiday Buyer’s Guide – PS4, Vita, Accessories and More

Time for presents!

PS5 release date

PS4 Pro Info – Everything You Need to Know

It’s the third Sony hardware launch in as many months — but are you ready?