Star Wars Battlefront on PS4 Has More Online Players Than PC and Xbox One Combined

Early figures have emerged for the online user bases of Star Wars Battlefront across all three platforms, revealing that there are currently more active players on PS4 than Xbox One and PC combined. 

Word comes by way of P-Stats Network. Pulling early data from DICE’s licensed shooter, the outlet produced statistics for each system that not only showcases the current number of online users, but also the peak amount over a 24-hour period. At the time of writing, they are as follows:

  • PC: 45,433 (24h peak: 49,871)
  • Xbox One: 85,608 (24h peak: 110,817)
  • PS4: 178,374 (24h peak: 187,286)

Having collated online data across the Battlefield franchise, P-Stats Network has long tracked the active user bases across all platforms, with today’s update offering up a telling difference between PS4 and its primary competitors. Bear in mind that the total and peak numbers listed are NOT the total number of users on each platform, but concurrent users — meaning, online at the same time.

Perhaps Sony’s partnership deal for Star Wars Battlefront has paid off dividends, or is it simply a reflection of the gulf between the PS4 and Xbox One’s respective installed bases? Let us know which platform you’re playing DICE’s shooter on down below. 

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