Star Wars Battlefront Unlockables – Weapons, Star Cards, Emotes and More All in One Place

Yes, I know we already posted on every Star Wars Battlefront weapon and Star Card available, as well as the emotes and appearance customizations, but we’ve compiled everything all in one place to make it easier to digest.

Check out all the unlockables in the game presented in video form.

All Blasters/Weapons:

All Star Cards/Traits

Appearance Customization:

All emotes:

That’s a lot of stuck to unlock, no? Don’t forget that you also need to earn in-game credits to be able to actually purchase said unlockables once they’re unlocked. And nope, you can’t use real money for it, either.

Go read up on our Star Wars Battlefront impressions piece now, and stay tuned to our full review early next week.

What will you be getting first in Star Wars Battlefront?